iMSA Curriculum

The iMSA provides flexible learning options which will allow you to balance education with work and other obligations. To satisfy the degree requirements, you need to complete 32 credit hours of graduate course work of which at least 20 hours are in accountancy courses, and at least 4 hours are in a non-accountancy hours.

The iMSA is for people who want to be leaders in their profession. The program builds expertise in the fundamentals of accounting – financial reporting, audit and control, and US federal taxation. Beyond that, the iMSA delivers analytic capabilities that the industry defines as cutting-edge.

It is a hands-on and practice oriented program designed for people already working in the accounting field looking refresh their skill set, those who intend to use the degree to enter the field for the first time, or those looking to gain new skills to advance in their current industry.

Quick Facts

  • 32 total credit hours required
  • 20 credit hours of accountancy coursework (minimum)
  • 4 credit hours of non-accountancy coursework (minimum) 
  • $20,984 – $27,200 total tuition depending on electives chosen
  • 18-36 months average time to degree completion (up to 60 months permitted)

Required Courses

The required 20 credit hours of accountancy course work are made up of the following five courses. Each course accounts for 4 credit hours. You can choose how to fulfil the remaining 12 credit hours with a combination of accountancy and non-accountancy electives. As a reminder, 4 credit hours of non-accountancy electives are required. Students who have previously completed any of the required courses above will take a suitable replacement course approved by a program advisor.

Non-Accountancy Electives

Most non-accountancy electives are eight-week, four-credit hour courses and can be taken year round (fall, spring, and summer semesters.) Elective options may vary by term.

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Accountancy Analytics Concentration

The Accountancy Analytics Concentration is designed to develop leaders who understand (1) how to apply data analytics in a variety of accounting and business contexts, (2) critically solve business problems using data-intensive business and accounting information, and (3) synthesize and effectively communicate data-intensive information, findings, and conclusions to other environment-constituents, including supervisors, peers and subordinates, clients, and regulatory agencies. This concentration will not only provide a strong foundational knowledge of data analytics, but also provide students multiple opportunities to apply this knowledge via experiential learning opportunities.

Learners interested in this concentration can speak to a Student & Academic Specialist upon acceptance to the program to learn more.

Course structure and format

Generally, you will spend 10-15 hours per class, per week. The course load is flexible – you can take one or two courses, or skip a term depending on your capacity.

  • Weekly live classes and office hours with top faculty
  • Missed a live class? Watch the recording at a more convenient time
  • Self-paced, downloadable course material on Coursera
  • Group discussions and projects with peers around the globe
  • Immediately applicable graduate-level coursework

Immersion opportunities

Expand your understanding of other cultures and the global economy by choosing to participate in a two-week immersion – either in-person or virtually. We partner with select universities and companies around the world to bring together a diverse group of learners, cultures, ideas, and solutions.


Engaging online experience 

Interact with top University of Illinois faculty and fellow learners from around the globe in your iMSA courses. Our program was built from the ground up to deliver the level of rich interaction and engagement you'd experience on campus.


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