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Interacting with fellow students from a wide range of experiences enriches discussions in our live, global classrooms – which in turn expands your learning and deepens your understanding of the accountancy profession.

Build an expansive network

Being a member of a diverse cohort means you'll meet people who have a variety of job titles and come from a range of industries – and many parts of the world. As a result, you'll have superior networking opportunities, not just with those whose career paths align with yours, but also with people who will broaden your scope and perspective.

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International students
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Fortune 500 companies represented

Network across industries and career paths

Our iMSA attracts learners from organizations that range in focus and size, from Fortune 500s and fresh startups to small businesses and non-profits. You'll benefit from meeting people on a range of career paths, whether you're interacting through class discussions and projects or connecting through our social network.

Enjoy an ROI that begins even before you finish

As soon as you start your iMSA, the benefits kick in. Being a graduate student at top-ranked University of Illinois means you're learning from world-renowned faculty experts with decades of experience in their field.

You'll also be absorbing timely, relevant course content you can put to work the next day – and our data shows that employers take notice.

Data Source: iMSA Students, Calendar Year 2023

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What Our Students Say

Not only has the iMSA given me the accounting skills I need for my next job and for the CPA Exam, it's also prepared me to go back into the workforce.

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