iMBA Curriculum

Gain practical business mastery and establish yourself as a standout leader with the iMBA. We've designed our curriculum to deliver a blend of content and experiences that will impact your career – immediately and long term. 

Hone specific skills through customizable curriculum

Your career goals are unique to you, which is why we've developed an MBA curriculum that puts you in control. We offer five Focus Area Specializations and more than 18 electives that allow you to customize your learning path – all at your pace and in a sequence that works for you.

Timing and Structure

  • Flexible completion time – 24-60 month program
  • Short, manageable courses – 4-8 week courses
  • Design your own schedule – 1-4 courses per 16 week semester
  • Customize your curriculum – select from 5 focus areas and 18+ electives
  • Show your growth – earn microcredentials during your MBA

Core Specializations (Required)

Develop the ability to execute, manage, and lead in the midst of globalization, emerging technologies, and other drivers of change. You'll build foundational business knowledge and skills in the four Core Specializations that all iMBA learners complete.

Elective Courses

Further customize your degree to fit your career path by choosing from 18+ elective courses. A combination of 12 elective credit hours can fulfill one of the two Focus Area Specializations (above).


Capstones are designed to bridge the ‘knowing – doing’ gap, challenging students to apply their iMBA courses, work experience, industry acumen, business knowledge and skills.

How capstones work

Students work through a case study with a team in which the deliverables for each module will build upon one another. Each course culminates with the final case presentation.

  • Students complete 3 capstones: 2 specialization capstones and 1 program capstone.
  • Specialization capstones are two weeks in length and students choose the specializations that best meet their academic and professional interests.
  • The program capstone is four weeks in length and will be completed in the final semester of the iMBA program.
  • Capstones are group-based projects typically focused on a case study.
  • Experiential learning opportunities, such as immersions, may be completed to fulfill one to two capstones.
  • Learners entering Fall 2023 and beyond will complete an extended onboarding experience, MBA 597: Program Foundations, during the first semester of the iMBA program.

Engaging online experience 

Interact with top University of Illinois faculty and fellow learners from around the globe in your iMBA courses. Our program was built from the ground up to deliver the level of rich interaction and engagement you'd experience on campus.


Immersion opportunities

Expand your understanding of other cultures and the global economy by choosing to participate in a two-week immersion – either in-person or virtually. We partner with select universities and companies around the world to bring together a diverse group of learners, cultures, ideas, and solutions.


Course structure and format

Generally, you will spend 10-15 hours per class, per week. The course load is flexible – you can take one or two courses, or skip a term depending on your capacity.

  • Weekly live classes and office hours with top faculty
  • Missed a live class? Watch the recording at a more convenient time
  • Self-paced, downloadable course material on Coursera
  • Group discussions and projects with peers around the globe
  • Immediately applicable graduate-level coursework

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