Mock Live Session: Organizational Architecture

CST Virtual

Organizational Architecture: Decision rights, performance measurement, and incentives with Professors Clara Xiaoling Chen and Li Zhang


An organization’s strategy is its set of guiding principles. Accountants help implement, communicate, and evolve organizational strategy via the information they provide to owners, managers, and employees. Specifically, they help plan, monitor, and control decisions via the allocation of decision rights, performance measurement, and incentives.

In this mock live session, you will explore many aspects of this important system. You’ll begin your exploration by understanding decentralization—the extent to which decision rights are distributed among managers and employees. You’ll then learn about different aspects of performance measurement and incentive systems and the pros and cons of different designs of such systems. Lastly, you’ll have an opportunity to engage in a breakout group discussion to apply the concepts of organizational architecture to some real-world scenarios. We are excited to highlight the highly engaging structure of Gies courses with you in this special free class.

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Clara Xiaoling Chen

Li Zhang