Mock Class: How to Extend Your Brand to Enhance its Value with Professor Hayden Noel

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When trying to enhance brand equity, one growth strategy companies pursue is via a brand extension. This involves assigning the brand name to a product in a different category. While this can be a very successful strategy, if done appropriately, it can be risky as well. In this lecture, Professor Noel will present a framework that would help you evaluate the chances of success for a proposed extension. You will get the opportunity to develop an extension with other attendees.

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Hayden Noel is a clinical associate professor of business administration. He began his career at the University of Illinois in 2007 as a visiting assistant professor before serving from 2009-2015 as an assistant professor and from 2015-2019 as a clinical assistant professor. He was named clinical associate professor in 2019. His research interests include consumer information processing and memory. Noel has been on the List of Professors Ranked as Excellent for 10 years, was named Executive MBA Program Professor of the Year in 2016, received the Professional MBA Teaching Excellence Award in 2017, and was named iMBA Professor of the Year in 2019. He earned his PhD in marketing from the University of Florida in 2002.