Mock Live Class with Professor Oktay Urcan

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Financial literacy: What do financial statements tell us about firms?

Decision makers both within and outside of firms in business life need relevant and reliable information to make decisions. Accounting provides information to decision makers to make the best informed decisions possible. In this live session, participants will explore the main financial statements (e.g., balance sheet, income statement, and cash flows statement), the types of information these statements provide, how these statements are linked, and more importantly, what financial statements tell us about firms’ strategies. Further, participants will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge via a case study of a firm in the entertainment industry. Join Professor Urcan to experience this free class and experience what high engagement looks like within Gies Business.

Oktay Urcan is professor of accountancy and a Fred & Virginia Roedgers Faculty Fellow in Accountancy. He joined the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2014 after being an assistant professor for seven years at London Business School. He has made the List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent at the University of Illinois several times and received the Raymond A. Hoffman Faculty Excellence Award in Accountancy in 2016. He received his BA in management from Bogazici University in 2002 and his PhD in accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2007. Professor Urcan has 15 years of experience teaching MBA studies and corporate clients. He is currently teaching a MOOC based on financial literacy course for thousands of learners around the world using Coursera platform. He also currently teaches ACCY 500, 506, and 532, in the iMSA program.

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